​​​​BEST of The Gold Coast


2014 - 2022


Covered Cupcake

Baby Booties Fondant

Shoes Cake

Covered Cupcake

Gender Reveal Cake

The color inside reveals the gender.

Either the cake

can be blue or pink 


the filling

can be blue or pink

The choice is yours!

This is an exciting time!

Celebrating a new life about to arrive.

Make your day a memorable one with

a beautiful and delicious

"Forever Sweet" Centerpiece Cake

  Baby Blocks Cake

Shown to the right is our...

Baby Bump Silhouette Cake

Wrapped Baby Fondant

This Gender Reveal features a

Double Barrel Cake

Iced in a Smooth Pink & Blue Buttercream &

the filling inside reveals the Gender Color!

Celebrate with this beautiful

"Forever Sweet" Centerpiece Cake

Shown to the left is our...

Gold Oh Baby Scattered Sprinkle Cake

Little Man Cake

Baby Bow Tie Fondant

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Is it a Boy or Is it a Girl?

Announcing your baby's gender will be so SWEET with our Gender Reveal Cupcakes.  

When your guests take a bite,

the answer will be revealed!  

Or how about a Gender Reveal Cake.

Cut the cake to discover if

​your new bundle of joy will be a boy or a girl!

If you want to be surprised at the same time as your guests...just ask the doctor to give you a sealed envelope with "girl" or "boy" written inside.  Give the envelope to us and

we will do the rest!

Baby Time

It's all about the BABY!

Cupcakes, Cakes, Cake Pops, Cookies for all your Baby Events!

Baby Showers


Baby Birthdays

Gender Reveal Parties

Christenings or Bris


Clothesline & Dots Cake

Covered Cupcake

3 Block Fondant

It's all about that "Bump"!

Little Man Mustache

Mustache, Suspenders, Bow Tie & Top Hat

Baby Girl? Baby Boy?

Bear & Bow Cake

Covered Cupcake

Baby Sugar Cookies

2 Tier Baby Elephant

     & Bow Tie Cake

  • Onsie with Dots
  • Baby Rattle with Dots & Bow
  • Baby Bottle
  • Scrollwork Baby Carriage

Bear Cookies

oh Baby!