2014 - 2022


2 Tier Magnolia Cake

Flowers with Scrollwork

Double Layer Sheet Cake

Buttercream Rose Spray

with Ridged Icing Cake

2 Tier Initial Flower Cake

Rosette Decorated Cakes

(see more designs and colors here)

Magnolia Berry Cake

Rose Bud Cake


Flower Box Cake

Black and White Elegance

Letter Monogram,

Black & White Sugar Flower

Rhinestone Number Topper

Triple Magnolia Double Barrel Fondant Cake

Rose Cake Pops

Vertical Ruffle and Hydrangea Cake

Vertical Ruffle Peony Cake

2 Tier Cascading Blossom Cake

2 Tier Marble Peony

Rhinestone Cake

Hydrangea Cake

3 Tier Rose Ruffles Confetti Cake

Peony Rhinestone Cake

​​​​BEST of The Gold Coast

Tulip Rosette Cake

2 Tier Peony Fondant Ruffles & Rhinestones Cake

2 Tier Tall Hydrangea & Roses Cake

3 Tier Magnolia Cake

3 Tier Rustic Roses Cake

Rose Cake Pops

Lily of the Valley Cake