Lil He or Lil She

Moustache & Lips 2 Tier Square Cake

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

This Gender Reveal features a

Double Barrel Cake

Iced in a Smooth Pink & Blue Buttercream

& the filling inside

reveals the Gender Color!

Pink and Blue Sugar

Simple Gender Reveal Cake

Is it a Boy or Is it a Girl?

Announcing your baby's gender will be so SWEET with our Gender Reveal Cupcakes.  

When your guests take a bite,

the answer will be revealed!  

Or how about a Gender Reveal Cake.

Cut the cake to discover if

​your new bundle of joy will be a boy or a girl!

If you want to be surprised at the same time as your guests...just ask the doctor to give you a sealed envelope with "girl" or "boy" written inside.  Give the envelope to us and

we will do the rest!

​​​​BEST of The Gold Coast


2014 - 2022


Baby Boy Baby Girl Shoes

Double Layer Buttercream Cake

Ridged Buttercream Iced

Gender Reveal Cake

Gender Reveal

Every day is a Celebration.

Make yours...Forever Sweet!

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Gender Reveal Cake

The color inside reveals the gender.

Either the cake

can be blue or pink 


the filling

can be blue or pink

The choice is yours!